Company Focus

Natural cardiovascular restoration

  • Cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death.
  • Bypass Graft surgery restores blood flow by diverting blood around section of blocked arteries using vascular graft.
  • 1.5 million bypass surgeries performed each year worldwide, requiring >3 million grafts.
  • 80% of all implanted grafts are saphenous veins, harvested from the legs of the patient, associated to wound healing complications, pain, and high cost.
  • 50-60% of all implanted grafts fail within 10 years, requiring repeat surgery.

Our Technology

Natural Tissue Restoration

  • BioDGraft eliminates the need for vessel harvesting:
    No additional wound, no risk of infection, no pain.
    • Door-opener for people with severe diabetes, varicose veins, and amputations.
    • Shorter hospital stay, at least 1 day less.
    • Significantly decreased procedure time for the surgical team.
    • Less cost.
  • BioDGraft has the potential to become a graft for life:
    • revolutionary product design and polymer technology, developed by researchers at TU and Medical University of Vienna
    • Microporous scaffold allowing fast cell infiltration.
    • Long-term patency due to natural endogenous tissue restoration and absorbable polymer, no long-term synthetic remnants → reduced risk of graft stenosis, calcification and need for re-operation.

Our Team